I just wanted to say "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU"!!!
I´m not sure if its the combination of IMS (acupuncture) + deep tissue massages, but yesterday after you massage my neck/trap muscle finally relaxed and for the 1st time in many years.

Tanja is a wonderfully skilled masseuse. She has my whole - hearted recommendation.

Thank you for the massage today, Tanja. I feel very relaxed after it and you worked my knots really well. I followed it up with a 40 min IR sauna so I got a really good detox/cleanse afterwards.
Stas B.

I had injured myself while a young apprentice carpenter and have pretty much used up my back over the past 40 years in the trade. As a result I have been using massage therapists for a long time from Manitoba to British Columbia. Tanja is certainly one of the best I have had the pleasure to meet. I suppose the knowledge base and skill sets are often a given with a popular therapist, but Tanja seems to have this wonderful innate diagnostic sensitivity as well. A treasure found.

I have been going to see Tanja for therapeutic massage for over five years and must say that her massage is in the top 10% within the Vancouver area. Tanja always ensures you are comfortable and provides a clean, relaxing setting with light music, professional massage table, fresh clean sheets and absolutely no outside interruptions. She makes certain that you as the client are number one and gives full attention to you. Tanja’s massages are a unique combination of deep tissue and relaxation that will leave you feeling invigorated and totally relaxed at the same time. I always book a two hour session and find the sessions are too short as it is two hours of pure pleasure that I never want to end. All in all, I have to highly recommend Tanja as a top-quality massage therapist. You will be not be disappointed.
Kevin M.
Thanks. Tanja

Thank you for the truly amazing massage. You are a very kind, generous, wonderful person and I look forward to making another appointment to see you in few weeks.

I have been a client of Tanja's for the last three years. Being an ardent believer of massage therapy and the wellness provided to a human body is invaluable when the therapist is of the professional expertise that Tanja provides. Tanja's ability to listen and decipher the needs of a client then apply the necessary pressures and points to the needy areas is the best I have experienced. Her service is beyond reproach. Being a recent knee replacement recipient before and after the operation her service has literally been my saving grace. I would highly recommend Tanja on all respective levels.
Robert R.

For the past 2 years Tanja has done excellent work in helping to both release tension in my body due to stress, and to help me with my health goals relating to my athletic performance. Having worked with many other massage professionals including RMT practitioners, I find her approach has worked best for me to the point that I never miss my weekly appointment.
Justin Mitchell, Personal Real Estate

I have been a client of Tanja's for over 7 years. During that time, she has consistently provided professional, friendly and flexible service. She has taken the time and care to understand my priorities and customize her services accordingly. She not only adds to her skill set continuously, but incorporates her knowledge from related disciplines into her practice. I admire her dedication and recommend d her without hesitation.
Vindy, Divorce Coach

Thank you so much last night for the best massage I have ever received. You dominated me on the massage table in the way I have always dreamed of. Any massage therapists cannot please my mind and body at the same time but you. You are a true holistic healer, Tanja. You are amazing!
Taro N.

Tanja's massage sessions truly are like no other. The peaceful atmosphere she creates in her studio adds to the deeply relaxing experience. Tanja always caters to what it is my body is needing, adjusting pressure and focus. I always leave feeling rejuvenated, light and grateful.
Ivan Fernandez

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tanja for approximately 4.5 years. Shortly after we met, I experienced a rear ender / motor vehicle accident, herniated disk & whiplash to cervical spine/head. She has played a significant role towards my slow recovery and I do not know what I would have done for an alternate.

I have required Massage Therapy for many years due to a previous ankle injury and thru those years have been treated by many others. Tanja is simply marvelous and one of the best.

She is talented, professional, caring, and strives to focus on your injuries . I have never been rushed in any of our sessions and they have always been effective. She strives to stay on the leading edge of different techniques. It is a joy to simply come in for an appointment, report progress , mention any new conditions and leave her to do her magic. If “human cloning” ever becomes possible... I would recommend her as a candidate so that many others can benefit as I have.
Joseph C.

I’ve been seeing Tanya for quite awhile now and every massage has been professionally done with kindness and consistency. She is always pleasant and takes her work seriously. The work space is clean, quiet, relaxing and I’m always taken on time.
Laura Lee
April 2020

We are devoted fans of Tanja’s Massage & Bodywork. Tanja is an exceptional massage therapist with deep knowledge of bodywork modalities. She’s worked wonders for both of us and our monthly appointments are can’t -miss, must haves. We especially appreciate her professionalism, warmth and kindness in how she works with us as clients. Tanja is well informed about wellness , a great source of information and an inspiration in our wellness program. She’s a treasure!
George and Carol
March 2020

I am so grateful to Tanja for her body work. I have been receiving her massage for almost 6 years. I suffered from frozen shoulder which, after seeing many different doctors and modalities, Tanja’s treatment was the only thing that helped me, for that I am forever grateful. Thank you!
Kelly Liu
March 2020, Vancouver, BC

Having had many massages from many different therapists over the past 20 years I can easily say that Tanja is the best in all aspects. Each massage is a zen experience where she finds every bit of soreness and tension and relieves it with just the right technique and pressure. Every massage leaves me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I really appreciate her professionalism and her relaxed and friendly manner makes each visit a pleasure. The convenience of in home appointments and more than reasonable rates rounds out her excellent service. I can confidently recommend her to anyone.
Duane V.
March 2020, Vancouver, BC

Everything you want in a massage. Relaxing, soothing and therapeutic all blended into one perfect package. Highly recommended.
March 2020, Vancouver, BC

I have known Tanja since a few years now and I always get an awesome service, very gentle touch, relaxing and she helped me a lot with my lower back pain. Very professional service and a very kind treat. Totally recommended.
Juan Jose Saavedra
March 2020, Vancouver, BC

Tanja is a very professional massage therapist with an intuitive touch. She brings her many years of experience and curiosity to each session, tailoring each visit to my changing needs, and maximizing my relaxation. She specializes in many massage practices, though I have mainly had the Swedish massage for relaxation and increased circulation. She has great space with a Zen feel, easily accessible with free parking close by. Highly recommended and so glad I found her! Thanks Tanya!
All the best, Jollean
May 2020, Vancouver, BC

I would give Tanja five stars! *****

She has a very tranquil relaxing clean space that reminds you of a bohemian spa.

Her technique is a combination of holistic and clinical practices. This combination gives an experience where Tanja is in tune with the bodies conditions and needs.

Tanja’s massage skills recognize exactly where the muscle issue is imbalanced. Tanja takes interest in learning to understand the clients needs by being a good listener, and open to opinions.

Tanja's price range is affordable with great availability options.

Tanja is a genuine compassionate person who continues to learn new holistic practices to heal the body mind and spirit to help bring her clients back to their optimal health.
Jill Gutting, CNP, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

After my back and neck were injured, I experienced significant wait times to for referrals, tests, and treatment. The pain I experienced left me unable to work a full day at my desk and instead of going on disability, regular visits left me able to work a reasonable schedule. Tanja's Bodywork provided much needed relief from the pain and healing between these significant wait times. She was able to target the troubled areas with what seemed the proper pressure and helped me feel less pain until I was able to have my referals go through to a specialist. During my ongoing medical treatment, she was able to continue to complement that with supportive therapy and improved my recovery significantly. I highly recommend Tanja for anyone experiencing neck, back, and shoulder pain as supportive treatment.
Mike - Architect
July 2021

Hi everyone
I want to share my experience with Tanja,
I've been taking therapies with her for a few years now and I can tell you ... I'm so happy to have found such a professional and good masseuse that it could take care of so many different situations I've take a therapy just for muscle soreness or even a deep pain. One day I was having trouble with my back, I was in horrible pain, I couldn't even sit straight. Thanks to Tanja after a few sessions I felt like a new man .. even more energized. Thank you Tanja for helping me in this years. Definitely I highly recommend her!
February 2022, Vancouver, BC

I have been visiting therapists for my sciatica for many years. However I have found Tanja to be very attentive to her clients need and based on that she tailors the treatment. I have had significant relief and it is needless to say that I will continue getting my treatment from Tanja
February, 2022 Vancouver, BC

I have been receiving weekly treatments from Tanja for just two short months, but thanks to the magic she works with her healing hands, I feel like a new person. Tanja is a soft-spoken, caring therapist who seems to intuitively sense where the problems are. I have not felt this well in several years. Thank you, Tanja, for relieving my pain!
Linda S.
February, 2023 Vancouver, BC